18399 21794

(4) 12 oz NY Prime Boneless Strip

(4) 6 oz Filet Mignon

(2) 16 oz Ribeye 

(1) FREE 3 oz jar Georgetown Steak Salt Season 

(1) FREE Mexican Chorizo Sausage Pack  (12 oz packs/5 links)

NY Prime Boneless Strips - Our NY “Prime” boneless strips are among the most flavorful, juicy, and tender boneless steak strips you'll ever eat. This steak is quite the crowd pleaser … the go to with our gratin potatoes and cream spinach. 

Filet Mignon - The name is French for “cute filet” with “filet” meaning thick, boneless slice and mignon meaning “dainty.”  This cute and dainty cut is just the perfect treat for yourself or date night. 

Ribeye - If you love a good steak, you will love our ribeye. Treat yourself to a steakhouse experience with this beautifully marbled and thick ribeye.  This ribeye meets the highest standards of texture, flavor and marbling. Its literally, the perfect steak.

The Ultimate Butcher Prime Sampler
18399 21794

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