2500 3600

Warm up with a selection of our classic favorites at the right price. 

Morning Sage Breakfast:  Sage, maple, molasses, pepper, natural casing. 12 oz pack/8 links

Chicken Apple Bratwurst: Cider-soaked apple, sage, nutmeg, collagen casing. 12.5 oz pack/5 links

Thai Chicken: Green chilies, mint, basil, ginger, collagen casing. 12.5 oz pack/5 links

French Style Toulouse:  French garlic sausage, pork, garlic, tarragon. 12.5 oz pack/ 5 links

Irish Style Banger: Bread crumbs, nutmeg, mace, white pepper. 12 oz pack/ 3 links

Winter Comfort Classics
2500 3600

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